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Tutorials on Plone

Creating Objects

» Document - Creating an HTML or plaintext web document

» Event - Placing any events or scheduled happenings (i.e. meetings) into your folder

» File - Placing some type of file (doc, pdf, txt, etc.) into your folder
» Folder - Creating a subdirectory of your folder
» Image - Placing an image file into your folder
» Link - Placing a link to a web address (URL) into your folder
» News Item - Adding news documents to your folder
» Photo - Adding a photo to a photo album
» Photo Album - Creating a photo album having many photos in one place
» Workgroup - Adding a subgroup of people

Changing Object Properties

» Keywords - Adding searchable words to Objects
» Sharing - Making Objects available to other groups
» Discussion - Adding discussion abilities for users on a document
» Object States - Changing the states of objects

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