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Tips & Pointers for LARP DMS users

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  • Object names
    • Brief descriptions of common objects are:
      • Document
        - A document is a text based object such as  HTML or a plain text file etc.
      • File
        - A file object is a non plain-text file, usually proprietary, that can contain text but also contains formatting data such as a PDF file or an MS Office document
      • Folder
        - An object that looks and behaves like a folder
      • Link
        - A link to an internal or external object such as file or a website
      • Image
        - A web viewable image such as .jpg, .png, .gif etc.
      • Logbook
        - An online journal. It can be be private, accessed by members or  published. A logbook can contain text , URLs, references and images.
      • Event
        - A calendar based object such as a meeting. It can contain references to URLs and if published, appears in the calendar on the main page.
      • News Item
        - An information item that displays on the first page and can be used for announcements to all visitors. It can be calendar based and can have a start date and an expiration date.
      • Topic
        - A saved set of search  criteria
  • Object states
    • Object states include:
      - Visible (default) = Viewable and searchable by any logged in member.
      - Published = Web accessible searchable by the world (anonymous users).
      - Private = Viewable and searchable only by the owner and any allowed groups or users.
  • Search considerations
    After creating an object, selecting the Properties tab allows you to add many attributes which will make searches more effective. Here are a few tips about makeing a document more searchable.
    - Include ample  information in the 'Description' field, this can be a synopsis of the object contents.
    - Include all Authors in the 'Contributors' field.
    - Select all applicable 'Keywords'
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