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Folder QXF   2012-12-13 17:05:42 visible  
Folder Design Studies   2005-10-28 23:13:18 published  
Folder Materials   2005-10-28 23:13:19 published  
Folder Model_Quadrupoles   2013-11-17 04:31:11 published  
Folder Long Quadrupole   2007-11-02 11:22:12 published  
Folder Supporting R&D   2005-10-28 23:13:19 published  
Folder Field quality study   2012-11-19 12:29:34 visible  
Folder Publications   2006-02-03 19:08:09 published  
Folder MonthlyReports   2013-02-20 12:55:19 published  
Folder WeeklyUpdates   2012-01-04 20:14:40 visible  
Folder UnsortedDocs   2010-08-01 13:46:14 published  

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