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The LHC Accelerator Research Project (LARP) is a multi-laboratory effort to foster US involvement in the Large Hadron Collider project at CERN. LARP is committed to being a presence for LHC Beam Commissioning scheduled to begin in 2007. At this time effort is underway to define interests and capabilities of US accelerator experts and link them into the Commissioning organization for the LHC. Beam Commissioning work may involve travel to CERN and/or remote effort from the US. You may express your interest in helping with LHC commissioning through LARP.
Commissioning LARP Collaborator Expression of Interest in LHC Commissioning
if you are a USLARP collaborator and would like to be on an LHC commissioning team for 6 months to a year (at CERN), click on this link and fill out the form. Your interest will be set to Elvin Harms at Fermilab.
Commissioning Phase I
Commissioning Comments on LARP/LHC Commissioning
From the LARP DOE review in November, 2005.
Commissioning DocDB Commissioning Entries
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